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While you and your family are feasting upon latkes and spinning the dreidel, the termites will not be far behind. Sure, they are not fans of chocolate coins or delicious potato pancakes, but they are very interested in your home. Your home is not like others. Your home is filled with joy, laughs, family and […]

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“Happy” Halloween? Halloween is awesome! There’s candy, apple cider, pumpkin spiced EVERYTHING and there’s candy…oh wait. Anyways, one thing we love about Halloween is dressing up. We have been anything from a spider, a ladybug, and even cockroach but never a termite. Sadly, termite costumes have not taken off yet. We are all sad about […]

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  Even Termites are Excited for National Dessert Day             It’s National Dessert Day, so grab your nearest slice of cake or cookie and treat-your-self! That’s what we are doing today, and that’s probably what your termites are doing. Of course, termites don’t really care about the cookies or cake. No. They don’t have much […]

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Wearing White after Labor Day We usually are not the ones to tell you how to dress. I mean, let’s be honest. Our termite inspection uniforms and gear were made for comfort and for hard work. They are not exactly what we would call “fashionable.” Regardless, here we are telling you how to dress. Of […]

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     Labor Day Fun (Without the Termites)      So, you’re probably thinking about your upcoming three day weekend right about now. Yep. You are at your desk counting down the minutes until you are allowed to race on out of the office. Hopefully, you’re headed to a BBQ, pool party, or even a […]

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  Termites are Hangry      Nope, we spelled that right. They are hangry. Termites are in a constant state of anger because your house is just not enough food for them to be satisfied. In fact, they are so hungry that they get emotional and cannot get out of this negative state. Thus, they […]

  Don’t Let Termites Spoil International Beer Day      So, you’re probably thinking about this weekend right about now. It’s Friday, and you have the “Friday Feeling.” You know it is international beer day, so why not celebrate it with well…a beer? Cold beers are always great (especially on a Friday), but what makes […]

Termite Infestations Can Lead to Condemned Homes      Imagine your house being so infested with termites that you actually have to leave the premise because it is so full of those critters! It has happened before, and it can happen to you. One day your termite issue can be a shrug of shoulders that you will […]

How to Stop Termite Damage in Los Angeles      To be honest, termites are all over the place. The walls, the front porch, and even the fire wood sitting outside the fireplace. Why? They simply love wood, water, and dirt! Those are pretty abundant in Los Angeles (except the water part). There is no […]