September 2015

Curious Family Facing Sold For Sale Real Estate Sign and Beautiful New House.

Why Should Homeowners Worry About Termite Damage?             In many cases, we hear a lot of our customers ask, “Why should we care?” Termites are just small little bugs…how bad can they be? Well, they can cause a lot more damage than you may think. Sure, you may just find one termite, but there’s probably […]

woman in a white dress on the ocean coast

Wearing White after Labor Day We usually are not the ones to tell you how to dress. I mean, let’s be honest. Our termite inspection uniforms and gear were made for comfort and for hard work. They are not exactly what we would call “fashionable.” Regardless, here we are telling you how to dress. Of […]

Group Of Young People Enjoying Outdoor Summer Meal

     Labor Day Fun (Without the Termites)      So, you’re probably thinking about your upcoming three day weekend right about now. Yep. You are at your desk counting down the minutes until you are allowed to race on out of the office. Hopefully, you’re headed to a BBQ, pool party, or even a […]