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Even Termites are Excited for National Dessert Day

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  Even Termites are Excited for National Dessert Day

            It’s National Dessert Day, so grab your nearest slice of cake or cookie and treat-your-self! That’s what we are doing today, and that’s probably what your termites are doing. Of course, termites don’t really care about the cookies or cake. No. They don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but they do like things savory or woody. See where we are going with this? National Dessert Day does not stop in your home after today. Termites are constantly eating like there is no tomorrow or like it’s a dessert celebration every day. Some may say, well don’t termites have some sort of health issues at this point? No. Not at all! They are just as healthy and happy as a bed bug that’s snug in a rug.

Unlike the rest of us, termites will literally eat until they die. Imagine going to a buffet and eating everything in the place until you drop dead. That’s what termites do for years. The 2,000 different termite species just eat your home into the ground, and they always dine and dash. They can’t afford to pay the 5 billion dollars in damages that they cause every year. So, don’t wait until your home looks like a donut (full of holes). Call Exxel for a free home inspection at 866-787-6483.

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