termite soil treatment

Termite Soil Treatment

This type of treatment is for Subterranean Termites only.

Subterranean Termites, the most common kind, live in colonies in the soil, from just below the surface to as much as 12 feet down. Each colony is built around a king and a queen, whose sole job is reproduction.

Worker termites “commute” between the colony and sources of food, including wood fibers and other forms of cellulose which they eat, digest and share with other members of their colony. If they don’t immediately find the wood they want, these determined little engineers construct airtight, moisture-tight tubes leading from their colony in the soil to the wood. These tubes can go up walls, along pipes, around so-called “termite shields,” and even stand free of any support. And the busy workers commute between their cellulose food and their colony. They collect moisture for themselves, and deliver nutrition to the members of the colony.

In this constant commuting lies their weakness. Prevent it, and you very quickly prevent further damage to your home. The only proven way of doing this is by placement of a chemical barrier, through which the worker termites cannot pass and survive.

By treating the soil around and beneath your home with a material effective against termites, you prevent this movement. The termites that are in your home return to the soil, and soon die. Those on the other side of the barrier cannot reach your home, so they seek other sources of food.

Key Benefits of Termite Soil Treatment

1. Safe–the material is injected into the soil where it crystallizes and stays.

2. Many times more effective than alternative treatments

3. Barrier can protect your home for years (under ideal conditions)


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