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Drywood Termites Our Coastal Enemy

The Drywood Termite thrives in warm, moist, coastal regions. As a result, most infestations occur in the warmer regions of the U.S., including Florida, California and Texas. If you live in any one of these areas, your house could become an appetizing meal for these wood-destroying insects.

Drywood Termites are systematic destroyers. They have a rigid caste system with workers that can devour your home from the inside out.

It all begins when male and female termite swarmers fly away from an established colony. These swarmers are looking for a new home where they can mate and start new colonies.

Once a male and female find a small opening in wood, they break off their wings and enter. Of course, because there are many male-female pairs in a swarm, more than one colony could infest your home.

The pair seals the opening and mates within the wood. Soon, the queen’s eggs hatch. The offspring, making up the caste known as workers, then do the work of the colony. As workers, they will tend the young, and go to great lengths in search of food for the colony–even if that means devouring the wood of your precious home.

Powder-Post Beetles–Another Home Invader

Adult Powder-Post beetles lay eggs in the wood which hatch into whitish, worm-like larvae that destroy wood for months, or even years. These larvae leave behind trails of destruction–long tunnels packed with powder-like particles of partially-digested wood ready to begin the cycle of destruction again.

Fumigation–Complete Control

If our inspection reveals a Drywood Termite or Powder-Post Beetle problem in your home, only one option has been scientifically proven to provide complete control: total fumigation.

A wood-penetrating gas fumigation is the only sure way to kill all the enemies within. This safe, thorough procedure has been performed effectively for decades on homes, schools, museums and other buildings. Whether you have termites or other wood-destroying insects, we will release the required amount of fumigant into your home. This fumigant penetrates the wood and destroys the existing infestation. Once the fumigation is completed, you’ll re-enter your home knowing that the battle against wood-destroying insects is finally over. And you have won.

Localized Treatment

In some cases a Drywood Termite infestation can be eliminated by treating only the affected area. The most common method of localized treatment is to drill small holes into the termite galleries/tunnels and inject a termiticide.

It is important to note that this method can be used only when the area of infestation is completely visible and accessible. A total fumigation will be recommended otherwise.

Key Benefits

1. Full Penetration of Wood = Complete Control

2. Elimination of Inaccessible Infestations

3. Safe, and Effective

4. The Fumigant is Odorless, Clean, Non-Staining, Non-Corrosive and Non-Flammable.

5. Peace of Mind Knowing You Got Them All



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