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Hanukkah: Eight Days of Termites

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While you and your family are feasting upon latkes and spinning the dreidel, the termites will not be far behind. Sure, they are not fans of chocolate coins or delicious potato pancakes, but they are very interested in your home. Your home is not like others. Your home is filled with joy, laughs, family and friends. You are also the best cook around. You cook up the best, most amazing, fluffiest, and yummiest matzo ball soup. Every one of your guests are jealous of your amazing home, but your family and friends aren’t the only ones asking for recipes. The termites that are living in your home will probably be having their own Hanukkah festivities for the next few nights. Their guests will probably ask them where they got the recipe for your coffee table, or how do the walls of your home tatse so good? Also, that dreidel your family is playing with is made of wood…right? Since your Hanukkah decorations have been in the attic this whole year, where do you think all your pests have been hiding? Pests love to hangout in attics…especially in boxes with fun holiday decorations. They like to party too! Do what’s best for your home this holiday season, and call Exxel for a free home inspection. Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate!

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