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Obscure Creatures

Most people don’t realize the termite threat to our biggest investment. For most of us, our homes are the biggest financial investment we’ll ever make. Termites are active all year round, are silent and very difficult to detect. When you think you’ve found termites in your house, make sure to get expert advice. Unfortunately, most […]

Termites feed on wood that makes up the structural support for your house. When the structural supports are compromised, it can lead to cracks in the outside and inside walls of your home and damage to your flooring among other things. If you discover your home does have termites there are some steps you can […]

Termites Never Stop

Damage from termites

You may think that you have big appetite, but termite have you beat by many miles. That means they work 24 hours a day and every single day of the year. Termites can eat such a massive amount of wood and do so much damage to wooden structures. Termites can eat and eat and never […]


Termites need food, moisture and warmth to survive. Reducing their food source (wood) is the first step to keeping them away. Because termite colonies are often difficult to see, it is important to pay attention to the warning signs in order to catch a potential problem before it gets out of hand. Termite Droppings. These […]

Termite Intrusion

Termite guarding the colony

Termites cause billions of dollars in damage each year. It can remain undetected even in wood that is exposed because the outer surface of the wood is usually left intact. They have been nibbling away at the wood on earth for at least 100 million years and they are not going away anytime soon. Termites […]

Exxel Termite

If you haven’t already noticed, it’s raining here in California. We cannot stress enough how crazy this is because our drought has been long enough, and we are pretty over taking 2 minutes. Anyways, the rain in California is getting pretty bad. If you didn’t see it, you should know that there is flooding in […]

‘Twas the night before #Christmas, when all through the house. Not a creature was stirring, not even a #termite. Just kidding, the creatures are probably (most definitely) stirring in your home this winter. The thing about winter is that pests really love and hate, is the cold. Some pests (like termites) love the cold and […]

Exxel Termite

While you and your family are feasting upon latkes and spinning the dreidel, the termites will not be far behind. Sure, they are not fans of chocolate coins or delicious potato pancakes, but they are very interested in your home. Your home is not like others. Your home is filled with joy, laughs, family and […]

As you arrive home for the holiday this Thursday, the aroma of turkey, stuffing, pie and grandma’s perfume will fill the room with familiar smells. Sure, Thanksgiving is not only about the food, but the holidays are not usually about the “health” either. I don’t know any human or termite that has ever lost weight […]

Old American flag background for Memorial Day or 4th of July

Veterans Day (and termites) is not new in America, but Veterans Day remains one of the most powerful days of the year. As time has gone by, many veterans still look back at their time serving our country. We could not be more proud of our country or more proud of the courageous men and […]