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Labor Day Fun (Without the Termites)

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     Labor Day Fun (Without the Termites)

     So, you’re probably thinking about your upcoming three day weekend right about now. Yep. You are at your desk counting down the minutes until you are allowed to race on out of the office. Hopefully, you’re headed to a BBQ, pool party, or even a night out with friends. You may actually plan on doing all three things, and we have no problem with that either. Although the three day weekend should be filled with fun, family and friends, you can also use this time to research more about why you keep seeing all those mysterious wood shavings around your home.

Labor Day is a holiday to honor the working people in the United States and Canada, and to give them a day off! You know who never takes a day off? Termites never take a day off of work. I mean…would you want to take a day off if your job was eating away at your yummy home all day? You probably would be kind of bummed to take a day off. So while you are hanging by the pool or chomping down on a hot dog, the termites in your home are having a party of their own. Don’t want them to party in your home (rent free) anymore? Call Exxel Termite for a free home inspection. Have a fun and safe Labor Day everyone!

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