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Wearing White after Labor Day (Termite Fashion)

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Wearing White after Labor Day

We usually are not the ones to tell you how to dress. I mean, let’s be honest. Our termite inspection uniforms and gear were made for comfort and for hard work. They are not exactly what we would call “fashionable.” Regardless, here we are telling you how to dress. Of course, white after Labor Day does not mean you should burn all white clothes until next summer. Actually…we are getting off topic. Although this is not about white pants, we would like to ask everyone how you are dressing your home. How do you keeping your home tidy, clean, and termite free this in the fall?

The first thing anyone can do is remove wood from outside of the home. This can be things like fire wood stacked up against the home or remove damaged wood on the inside and outside of the home. Also, some gardening might actually help your termite problem a bit. Removing infested trees, stumps, and trimming your trees regularly can decrease your chances of a termite infestation. Also, it’s always best to seal all cracks and holes in a home’s foundation. That can be the perfect spot for a termite to come in and make themselves at home. If your home has termite damage, do not hesitate to call (866) 787-6483 for a free inspection!

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