How to Stop Termite Damage in Los Angeles

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How to Stop Termite Damage in Los Angeles

     To be honest, termites are all over the place. The walls, the front porch, and even the fire wood sitting outside the fireplace. Why? They simply love wood, water, and dirt! Those are pretty abundant in Los Angeles (except the water part). There is no one simple home remedy to cure termites all together, but some people say that there are a few simple tasks you can do to put a bandage over the issue.

  1. Check for water leaks:
    • If you’re in California, you’re probably thinking that there is no water here anyway. “Did the draught cure me from termites?” Well, even that pool in your backyard can be a huge cause of your termites.
  2. Cut down heavy brush and growth:
    • Let’s be honest, it is super trendy and hipster to have our lawns go wild. This can pick up those critters and can create a nice home for termites.
  3. Clear away firewood:
    • You know all that extra firewood outside the house? It’s probably the leftover firewood from the latest backyard BBQs and beach campfires. Termites can even infest within this wood which can lead to more damage to your home.

These are some simple things that you can try around the house, but they are always “bandages” to the problem. So, these things may keep a pest or two out for a little while but not for forever. You will eventually have to call a professional to get your home inspected and see how bad the damage really is!

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