Termite Inspections

Termite Inspection

A thorough and professional termite inspection of your home is your best defense against damage caused by termites and other wood-destroying organisms.

There is no doubt that fire and weather cause a devastating amount of damage, and each disaster that occurs is highly dramatic and emotional.

Less dramatic-but no less disastrous-is the damage caused by termites. In fact, termites cause more than 750 million dollars in damage every year. That’s more than all fires, storms, tornados, earthquakes, and hurricanes combined.

Termites are tough. Determined. Highly efficient. And chances are you’ll see no evidence of their work until structural damage has been done.

A trained inspector can spot evidence of even the beginning of an infestation or infection. This allows you, the homeowner, the chance to correct the problem before it becomes too costly.

Key Benefits of a Complete Termite Inspection by Exxel Termite:

  1. Early Detection of Termite Infestation-Before Real Damage Occurs
  2. Full Inspection of Difficult to Reach Areas (Subarea, Crawl Spaces, Attics, etc.)
  3. Peace of Mind

Key Benefits When Selling Your Home:

  1. Quality termite inspections eliminate surprises in Real Estate transactions.
  2. Knowledge of the Condition of Your Home Prior to Placing it on the Market.
  3. More Flexibility-If the Termite Inspection Takes Place Prior to Escrow the Homeowner may have the option of Making Corrections Himself or Hiring a Contractor.
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