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The Consequences of Termite Damage

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Why Should Homeowners Worry About Termite Damage?

            In many cases, we hear a lot of our customers ask, “Why should we care?” Termites are just small little bugs…how bad can they be? Well, they can cause a lot more damage than you may think. Sure, you may just find one termite, but there’s probably hundreds or thousands more living in your home (right now). A home is an extremely expensive investment, so you have to take care of it. It’s like buying a brand new car and never getting it washed or getting its oil changed. A homeowner can let termites make hundreds or even thousands of dollars in damage to a home. Most people shrug and say they have insurance, but most insurance policies do not cover termite damage repairs.

Another myth we hear, from our customers, is that their termites have “probably already” died. Many people believe that termites will simply die out, but termites can live as long as one or two years. They live within soil and can bring fungi into homes for years upon years. Wherever you live, a different kind of termite may pop up. If they had a dating profile, it would read: long munches on your home, loves leaky faucets, and usually hangs out in gutters or vents. Don’t let termites bring unwanted damage onto your home. Call (866) 787-6483 for a free home inspection.

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