Termites, Our Modern Day Dinosaur

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Termites, Our Modern Day Dinosaur

It may seem as if termites are a new matter of concern for homeowners; in reality, termites may have been inflicting issues upon cavepeople since the Cretaceous period. Although, the cavepeople probably did not have access to those brightly colored tents that frequently popup around this time of year. The word, “termite” actually came about in 1781. Clearly, termites are no new problem.

Why can’t we get rid of these pesky dinosaur bugs? Aren’t they senior citizens at this point in time? Termites are let’s just say, “Survivors.” Yes, they have survived on our planet for the last 250 million years and keep on terrorizing homeowners (or cave-owners for that matter). Just imagine these darn bugs creating alliances, completing tribal challenges, and going on to win the “Sole Survivor” position with the $1,000,000 grand prize. To be honest, these little ones may have even made a cameo in the original Jurassic. Some may say,

“Hey, I thought cockroaches have been around since….forever?”

Well, have you ever noticed how termites and cockroaches looked oddly similar to one another? This is not your eyes playing tricks on you. Some termites exhibit numerous cockroach-like characteristics, so termites may be a close relative to cockroaches. Let’s just take a moment and say, “Ewe.”

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