¿Viva Los Termites?

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As you sit back and take your first sip of your perfectly blended margarita, you stop and let out a very disappointed sigh. A little bug has made its way into your tequila masterpiece. Then, your eyes widen at the realization that its thick antennae and thick waist prove that this is no ordinary bug, but it is in fact a termite. ¡Ay ya yai! You already tried using household bug spray, but what makes these pesky crawlers live so long?

Unfortunately, a termite colony can have quite a long lifetime. Termites have seen it all. Fungi, dirt, soil, and constant attacks from predators make termites the ultimate “survivor.” Termites are tough and together their colonies can be difficult to destroy. The colonies gather and work under the queen while all her royal subjects (termite workers and soldiers) can actually live up to about one or two years. Although, some colonies can keep reproducing long after the termite queen has left the thrown. Another reason why termites “viva” so long, can be because termite infestation can be hard to detect for some inexperienced homeowners (which can cost you a lot of chips and salsa). Don’t ignore the small signs of infestations like pellets or tiny termite droppings. These can look like small wood pellets or shavings. Don’t ignore structures that look like mud clumps or tubes within or outside of walls. This can indicate that an infestation is present. Also, do not ignore the most obvious of signs…a swarm of termites! To avoid extensive repair to your home, wallet, or margaritas, call Exxel Termite Co. for a free home inspection. Have a safe Cinco De Mayo!

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