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Rain, Rain, Go Away

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If you haven’t already noticed, it’s raining here in California. We cannot stress enough how crazy this is because our drought has been long enough, and we are pretty over taking 2 minutes. Anyways, the rain in California is getting pretty bad. If you didn’t see it, you should know that there is flooding in some areas while others are without power. Not to mention, drivers in Los Angeles are not usually prepared to drive in the rain. We learned how to drive in the sunshine, and we would like to drive that we everyday (sunshine is cool).

Not only is there flooding in the streets and people are driving much crazier, but your homes might be suffering too. The rain washes many things away, but it can also bring things in to your home. Not only are rodents more likely to venture in to your home, termites are also very excited about damp wood. There’s just something about damp wood after a rainy day that really makes a termite happy. Apparently, the wood swells so your home tastes pretty good right now. Maybe, think of your home as a juicy and tender steak? Ok, maybe don’t! If your home has experienced flooding recently, call Exxel Termite for inspection.

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