California Drought is Increasing Termite Infestation

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The California Drought is Making Termites Have a House Party

     Summer is officially here, so that usually means pool time, BBQs, 4th of July fun and sunscreen! Right? For California homeowners, this summer means yellow lawns and a lot less pool time. Sadly, this drought is impacting more than just your California pool time and water bill. In fact, your dry home makes a great summer retreat for termites.

Imagine yourself on the 4th of July. Work phone off (those emails will still be there tomorrow), cold beverage in one hand (may or may not be a beer), and a hotdog in the other hand (no relish of course). Weather conditions are perfect…for termites. Don’t spoil America’s birthday with termite damage! Before your friends and family come over for the festivities, have a professional assess the damage for you and give you the peace of mind you desperately need during the holiday weekend.

Many individuals believe that droughts are good for getting rid of termites. Not really. Many termites love moist wood, but drywood termites live off really dry wood. Also known as: Your home! Like the summer heat, termites are tough. If you see signs of termites in your home, an inspection will most likely be needed. Don’t wait until it’s too late.

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