Trick or Treat

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Trick or Treat

Isabelle and her husband had purchased their first home during the final days of summer, they were ecstatic. As their move-in date approached, they inspected the house one more time to make sure there weren’t any major fixes that needed attention. As they headed out through the front door, they spotted a termite flying and caught on the window pane. Isabelle mentioned to her husband that the problem would be fixed with bug repellent since there wasn’t a swarm. Her husband ran to the local store to purchase the . Both agreed to allow two days before they made any further move-in plans just to make sure there weren’t signs of more termites.

Upon their return, they inspected the house one last time and sure enough, there weren’t any signs of termites or an infestation. Next was the moving in.
It had been one month, both Isabelle and Mark were enjoying every bit of their new home. Autumn, their favorite season, had commenced. The leaves have turned a brown-yellowish color along with a gentle, cool, and warm breeze. Isabelle felt that it was time for a house-warming party. She wanted to celebrate her and her husband’s new home. Timing couldn’t be any more perfect; Halloween was a week away. What better way to celebrate than with a costume/house warming party. Isabelle and Mark did not waste any time and made sure invitations were made and sent out the next day.

Halloween had arrived and so did the house guests. Everyone was looking quite spooky. Mark wanted to make a toast and asked all the guests to gather around the front door. He thanked everyone for attending and said a thing or two about his and Isabelle’s journey to their new home. As soon as everyone raised their glasses, the window pane along with the rest of what was attached to it, came falling down. The house guest jumped and looked with shock. Isabelle had to ask a few guests to leave. Her close friend stayed behind to help find out the cause. Coincidentally, he knew a thing or two about termites and he confirmed the collapse was due to termites. They had eaten away most of the wood.

Mark mentioned that they had spotted a termite before they moved in and sprayed repellent thinking it would stop infestation. He thought wrong. He and Isabelle regret not contacting professional help to have their home inspected. It would have easily avoided the problem from getting so severe. It looks like this year they got their trick and not the treat.

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