DIY Solutions To Being Termite Free

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DIY Solutions To Being Termite Free

There can be unexpected expenses, such as paying for an exterminator, that can come in between you and a nice little island getaway. Imagine packing your bags for a much anticipated trip and, BAM! You notice a swarm of termites oozing on the side of your window pane. You have a flight to catch and no time to spare. What do you do? Ah, do not fear because I have the solutions! This article highlights a few ways to manage and prevent termite infestation,so you can still enjoy your nice island vacation.

Vetiver Grass: Its tall tufts maneuver termites away and serves as a natural solution for termite control because of its chemical, nootkatone.
The Environmental Protection Agency suggests annuals to be a natural way to control termites. These include Marigolds and garlic. Although they have to be planted every year they help fight against insects too. So you can fight termites and add style to your home.
• Attracting predators: Ladybugs, centipedes, praying mantises and spiders enjoy eating termites. Termites know better than to stick around areas where they will know they will be eaten.

A very popular way of getting rid of termites is using borax solution. Yes, borax! Sure it sounds like the recipe to making slime, minus the glue. Simply mix one teaspoon of borax with two cups of water and ten teaspoons of sugar. Soak large chunks of wood into the mixture later burry your soaked pieces of wood near areas where infestation has occurred. Termites will eat the contaminated wood and feed it to their families, eventually eliminating them completely.

Orange oil also serves as a very strong weapon for executing termites yet harmless to humans. Scientists have said that the oil dissolves the termite’s exoskeleton, destroying the cell membranes that ends up killing the termites, due to loss of water and protein. Although it’s harmful to insects, it leaves your home smelling like fresh oranges. That’s a win-win situation if you ask me! Freezing termites is another at home alternative to getting rid of these creepy crawlers. How do you freeze termites you ask? Well, it is done by injecting liquid nitrogen into drywood areas infested with termites. The best part is that the process is nontoxic and kills about 74%-100% of termites. Lastly, boric acid has also been known to treat termite infections. It might not be as effective as a chemical formula but is still considered an effective natural remedy.

That doesn’t sound so hard does it? These few at home remedies should help control the infestation. However, seeking professional assistance from your local pest control is always best and much faster.

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