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Spring is in the air! For all of you that have been waiting to soak up the sun the time is now. The sky is blue, the flowers are blooming and the weather is phenomenal. Most of you plan trips with family this season and we all know where that is… to the beach. We all love the perfect weather here in California, but we are not the only ones. Most of our hidden housemates love this weather too.

Some hidden housemates are harmless. But when it comes to termites, some can literally eat us out of our home. While termites’ ability to damage our homes by eating wooden foundation is legendary, most species do not cause problems. Termites may be complete pests, however outside of our homes termites play a critical role it’s a proven fact that termites are good for the soil. They increase moisture levels, maintain balanced soil, add nutrients to the soil, and they reduce erosion. Even though these housemates are great for your soil, they are really bad for your home. These kinds of housemates are the ones you don’t give house keys to. Give us a call today, protect your home from these hidden housemates that can destroy what you worked hard for, your home.


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