Guardians of the Soil

  • By:exxeltermite

Although it is a proven fact that termites are good for the soil, they are extremely bad for your home. The reality is that termites fill an important part in nature when it comes to soil. They increase moisture levels, maintain balanced soil, add nutrients to the soil, and they reduce erosion. They might be the guardians of the soil but not the guardians of your home.

With spring just around the corner your probably thinking blooming flowers, and the return of warm weather, yes that is true. However, spring also marks the beginning of pest season. Meaning high termite activity will start to swarm in. One of the biggest threats to your homes are the spring time pests- Termites. Depending on moisture and heat these pests will be back for more of your home. Make sure you do something about it before they take over what is yours. Termites can cause thousands of dollars in damage make sure to call for a free consultation. Take charge of what is important to you. Let us be the guardian of your home to protect your home from termites.



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