Prepping for the Fumigation Tent

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Prepping For Fumigation

Careful planning and preparation should always be taken when it comes to tenting your home. Our experts help you rundown the checklist and prepare you for what to expect. The process may initially seem overwhelming, but proper preparation and organization will make the process much more manageable.

The first step in the tenting preparation process is to make arrangement for you and your family to stay at another location for about 72 hours. This could be a great opportunity for a family weekend getaway! The fumigation preparation process, treatment, and ventilation afterwards takes approximately 72 hours to complete. You will want to pack everything you and your family will need for that duration of time.

Since tenting required a large tarp to cover your house, bad weather can be a significant factor in any potential delays. Rain and heavy winds can make it more difficult to place the tent over the house. If bad weather is forecasted in your area, we may consider rescheduling by a few days.

The actual treatment portion of the fumigation process takes approximately 24 hours or less. The ventilation process will take about 6 hours. Regardless of these average times, you and your family will not be permitted back into your home until the home is cleared to 1 part per million or less of fumigant.

Pre-Fumigation Checklist

  • Human and pet food in cupboards and refrigerators and freezers, tobacco products, and medicine can remain in the house as long as they are in plastic bags (double bagging is highly recommended), glass or metal bottles, or in their original manufactured air-tight seal and it is intact. We have nylons bags available should they be necessary.
  • Dry goods that are packaged in bags or cardboard boxes must be removed or double bagged even when they have not been opened. Items in this category include cereal, chips, rice, crackers, etc.
  • Mattresses sealed in plastic, baby mattresses for example, are to be removed or the plastic covers should be removed or opened. Plastic covers for mattress can sometimes slow the ventilation rate. It is also recommended to open plastic coverings for chairs and sofas or other places people may use for resting areas.
  • Remove any plants from within the hour and outdoor areas adjacent to the house that may be covered by the fumigation tent.
  • One day prior to your scheduled fumigation, the gas company should be called to schedule a temporary shutdown of the gas line.
  • One day prior to your scheduled fumigation, you should water the perimeter of the house with about six inches of water. The moisture will help plants that are just outside the fumigation tent. It will also help prevent and minimize any fumigation leakage instances near the base of the tent.

There may be additional requirements for your house or you may have specific requests. Be sure to ask or inform us of these requests and we will be more than happy to accommodate them.

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