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Pay Attention to the Signs

  • By:exxeltermite

You have found the perfect house and you are ready to give the down payment. The time is right the price is right but you have to be aware of the potential issues and concerns. Pay attention to the signs that could change your mind about buying the house you thought was perfect for you.

As you walk through a property at an open house you expect things to looks very clean and organized and to smell great and everything to be nice and dandy. As the homeowner wants to sell the property quickly make sure you pay attention to the signs. It can be as your walking through the home you notice there are locked doors. It can be a warning that something is wrong. Get your nose inside areas where smells can be hiding like cabinets, closets, and even attics.

You might be running into bigger problems as you walk through the property and find signs of termite damage. Before finalizing the purchase of a new home, be encouraged to obtain a termite inspection. Do not be the one to pay for some very costly repairs and foundation work after you purchase the house.

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