Hello Fall, Hello Termites

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Hello Fall, Hello Termites.   

People assume that Spring is termite season because there is a lot of insect activity. Wrong! Experts say that warm temperatures in the Fall triggers termites to flock. Termites love moisture and tend to swarm on a nice warm day after rainfall. That doesn’t mean you cannot have a termite infestation at any other given time. However, the most damaging termites, subterranean and drywood, tend to be the most active at the commencement of Fall season. If you’re living in California then you might want to set up a termite savings account. Ninety percent of our state is in zone #1 under Termite Infestation Probablity Zone. This means we are in the heavy to moderate range of termite activity.

How do you know if your home has been attacked by termites? A sign of termites are small tunnel like patches that form across the foundation of your walls referred to as “mud tubes”. They are in either brown or gray tones. To determine if it’s active you can simply just break it open. Other small warning signs are cracked or bubbly paint and you might sometimes find their little wings on the floor, Gross!

The best way to avoid infestation is for people to have an ongoing termite defense service. For those of you who are new homeowners, have your home pre-treated. Practice house checks and make sure there aren’t any leaking faucets, water pipes, standing water and any other moisture conditions.
For those of us residing in California, it is important you speak to a pest control expert about a preventative plan. Taking preventative steps can not only help your home but they can also help your pocket and avoid having to spend thousands of dollars.

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