Fact or Fiction

  • By:exxeltermite


It’s the start of a new year! Right now, millions of people are changing their routines, making goals, breaking the goals they just made, and the cycle goes on and on. Right now, trillions of termites are continuing the same goal of stuffing their faces destroying the foundation and shelter over your head–the cycle goes on and on,same story different year. Maybe we need mix things up a bit to try and understand our pesky little critters.

Below are 3 statements, 2 of them will be TRUE and 1 will be FALSE. Can you figure out what is Fact or Fiction?

Termites can’t eat through SOLID concrete.
Termites are a good food source.
If I use a lot of bug spray I can kill a majority of the termite colony.

Tune in next week and the Facts will be revealed!

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