Termites Work 24 Hours a Day

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Termites have been around for more than 250 million years. They may be fascinating in certain aspects, but some termites are incredibly frustrating and horrifying pests.  The highly structured nature of the colonies allows termites to adapt to more ever-changing environments. Termites work 24 hours a day. “Worker” termites bring food to the colony and once they discover a food source, they leave a “chemical trail” for others to follow.

Termite inspections should be done from the exterior and the interior surfaces of the foundation, where wood is or near the soil. Here are some termite signs:

  • Termite Mud Tubes: Subterranean termites maintain mud tubes also known as small tunnels made from soil or dirt accumulated on the wood. These “mud tubes” connect termites to food sources and through ceilings, base of stairs, on the porch, or on tree trunks.
  • Holes: Termites can drill multiple tiny holes in the wood.
  • Termite Droppings: If you find something that looks like wood sawdust on the floor, they might be droppings from drywood termites.
  • Cracks on the Wood: Cracks in the wood aren’t always a sign of termites, but by the time you notice openings the wood might be long gone. Since termites eat away at the wood from the inside, check to see if a piece of wood is hollow by tapping or puncturing it.

Termites are constantly hungry and work in funny ways. Look for signs in your home that are out of the ordinary. Don’t ignore it. It may lead to serious damage to your home. Call 866-787-6483 for a free home inspection.

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